Online Resume Cover Letter – Avoid Doing This When Looking Online

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An online resume cover letter can be a great asset to someone looking to update or improve a resume’s presentation. There are some good samples to follow online. Yet you have to make sure you don’t fall into the trap of copying from what you find.

A resume without a cover letter is like sending Cinderella to the ball walking in her glass slippers. To give your resume the Pumpkin coach introduction you’re going to have to do much more than emulate a letter you find online. Most of what you find online, for free, are generic and overused letters. You need something custom to produce the effect of the pumpkin coach that we talked about above. Sorry about the Cinderella references, that was my favorite story growing up. The little girl never goes away.

What I made different, to most of the online resume cover letters I found was just about everything. Rarely did I use the “Dear Sir/Madam” line. I did my homework and nine times out of ten, I was successful at finding out who would be reading my cover letter and resume. I made sure that if I included a line, for example “I am applying for the executive what ever position” I followed it up with something more assertive. I found more useful information on some online tools and cover letter programs than what I took from the hoards of generic letters I found online.

I implemented as many of the tips and tricks I could find to make my cover letter and resume stand out from the rest. Now I’m not saying the job was in the bag just because I went to the interview. I had to prove myself to the interviewer and make sure I presented myself as the best fit from the field of candidates, to earn the position. That in itself was a task, but if I could plant enough interest in the mind of the reader as to the type of asset I would be to the company, I always found myself in the interview chair.

I’ll leave you with this. If you know that you’re great one on one, face to face with the interviewer. Would you want to leave to chance the possibility of an interview? The interview is the first step and the way to make it that far is with a well written custom resume cover letter.