Guidelines to Help You Ace That Job Interview

Your hard work has paid off – you finally have an interview for that coveted job. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure a smooth interview while soothing your own nervousness.

Take Copies of What You Sent In

Make and take multiple copies of the cover letter you sent as well as your Resume. This shows you are prepared for the interview, and helps you go over your own work. You might even highlight some important details as they pertain to the employment position – that way, during the interview, you can easily point out your advantages to the employer and not worry about forgetting these important details.

Arrive Early

Obviously, not too early. Ten to fifteen minutes allows you time to compose yourself, use the facilities, and to scope out your potential place of employment. How do co-workers greet each other and how do they treat the front receptionist? This will give you a clue as to the environment you may be working in – and allows you to decide if it may or may not be for you. If salespeople are treated rudely, or if co-workers look distressed, think twice about this place of employment – can you handle being treated the same way?

Take Care with Your Appearance

Decide ahead of time what you will wear to the interview – and prepare it ahead of time. Ensure all clothes are neat, clean and tidy; and are appropriate for the type of job you have applied for. Don’t forget about your shoes either – what you wear on your feet says a lot about you.

Don’t forget your most important feature – your smile! Make sure you have a smile on your face, and don’t overdo it. The idea here is to be calm and pleasant. Remember, the smile comes from within, not just the mouth – but the eyes too.

Be Prepared

Go over (and over) in your mind before the interview – all the points you feel make you an ideal candidate for the job. What can you add or expand on in the interview. You will probably be asked questions that you think have nothing to do with the job – how will you answer these? Remember, you will also be asked if you have any questions – so have a question ready. Even if you just ask when they will be deciding on the final candidate, and if you can contact them in the future about why you did or did not get a further interview or this job will point in your favor.

How To Prepare For Your Interview | Hockomockdigital.comBe Calm

Yes, this is a very stressful time – for all parties involved. And one of the reasons you are asked questions that seemingly have nothing to do with the job is to see your reaction to stress – can you think on your feet? Do you get too flustered by too much stress? Can you remain calm even though you are confused and stressed out? The company wants to see your behaviour – are you professional?

So do breathing exercises the night before, and during this stressful time ensure you TAKE the time to think about your answers, but not too long. Look at all participants at the interview when you answer. Quietly take a deep breath before answering – this helps to calm you as well.

Following the above guidelines will help ensure you have a smooth and productive interview!